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Educate Exceptionally

Educate Exceptionally
-There are 25 Public Schools located in the district that need to be celebrated for their achievements and supported when they need to make improvements.
– The fact that the Metropolitan School Board Office is located within the 58th District presents a wonderful opportunity to facilitate better relationships between teachers, support staff and the administration so that the education and safety of students is of primary concern.


  1. […] Harold M. Love, Jr: I want to improve the quality of life for those who live, work and are educated in the 58th District, through both legislative and non-legislative actions. I believe there are several factors that affect individual and communal quality of life, these are education, economics, environment, health and social conditions. These factors are addressed in The Love Plan. The Love Plan has five components: Live Locally, Welcoming Workplace, Safe Sanctuary, Healthy Habitat, and Educate Exceptionally. […]

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